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Blog - PRO Tools in Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: An Evidence Map

Published: 02-10-2018

Using the specialised search filters in the database, and importing the results into a custom Evidence Map, we identified studies on the different patient-reported outcome instruments used in studies of patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

We ran the search from 1960 to April 2018 and analysed the abstracts identified by the search to determine the range of study types, geographical locations, disease types, interventions and study methodologies.

Using an Evidence Map to present the findings, we were able to easily explore the results. Examples are shown below, and to download a free copy of the map click here. To use the Map, open it in Excel and enable macros.

We found a total of 52 abstracts that reported the use of PRO tools across 27 different countries, almost half of which were published between 2010 and 2018. Of these abstracts, 19 reported the use of EORTC-QLQ-C30, 7 used the EQ-5D and 5 used the SF-36, and 33 other PRO tools were also reported.


Sixteen different interventions were recorded, with traditional chemotherapy regimes being the most reported (15 abstracts) followed by rituximab (9) and radiotherapy (3); other interventions assessed in 1 or 2 abstracts included ibritumomab, lenalidomide, obinutuzumab, tositumomab and vorinostat. The studies most frequently recruited general members of the lymphoma population with no specified age group (36), but 7 abstracts cited an elderly population specifically, 6 assessed survivors, 2 assessed caregivers and 1 assessed children.


The USA was the most frequent location for the studies, with 13 abstracts, followed by the Netherlands (9), Canada (7) and France (7). Lymphoma stage was most commonly unspecified, but 6 reported refractory stage, 5 aggressive, 3 low grade, 2 high grade and 1 early stage.

You can download a free copy of the Evidence Map here.


Written and created by Alexandra Furber

Researcher at Crystallise