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Blog - New to heoro: key studies added in January 2019

Published: 02-01-2019

The database is a collection of studies relevant to health economics and outcomes research, based on a daily search of the PubMed database. 

Here, we summarise some of the key abstracts added in January 2019.

Studies reporting utilities

  • Walking improves quality of life on the SF-36 and WHOQOL-BREF in adults with or at risk of cardiovascular disease in Brazil and Australia; moderate/vigorous physical activity improves QoL if conducted for more than 150 minutes per week. Caceres 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Patients with stable coronary artery disease and angina in Italy have similar EQ-5D values to those with CHD but no angina, but have more investigations and secondary prevention medication. De Luca 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Mean EQ-VAS values were 78 for actinic keratosis, 74 for basal cell carcinoma, 72 for squamous cell carcinoma and 69 for BCC plus SCC in Germany. Philipp-Dormston 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • The EORTC QLQ-C30 was best mapped to the EQ-5D-5L and SF-6D using OLS models in patients with colorectal cancer in Iran. Ameri 2019 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Mean SF-36 physical quality of life score was 39.12 and mental score was 44.37 in patients receiving ozone therapy for chronic wounds in Iran. Izadi 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Mean EQ-5D utility value for Korean adults with macular degeneration was 0.8765; values were lower in older, female and lower income adults with worse visual acuity. Choi 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • The PROMIS-Preference (PROPr) score correlated with EQ-5D and HUI-2/ HUI-3 in  the US general population, with correlation coefficients of 0.67 to 0.70. Hanmer 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • EQ-5D values were 0.79 in adults with COPD in Japan under 65 years of age and 0.77 in those over 65; annual healthcare costs were US$4389 in 65yr, productivity losses were US$52,870 in 65yr. Igarashi 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • An electronic version of the EQ-5D and EQ-VAS was validated against paper forms in Brazilian adults from the general population. Bagattini 2018 Go to paper on PubMed

Studies validating a PRO instrument

  • The WHO-5 well-being index was validated against the OHIP-49 as a screening tool for temporomandibular disorders in Germany. Ismail 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • A systematic review concluded that the QoR-15 score is a valid measure of quality of recovery after surgery and anaesthesia. Kleif 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • The Voice Activity Participation Profile (VAPP) was validated against the Voice Handicap Index in adults in Iran with dysphonia. Faham 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • The Chronic Orchialgia Symptom Index (COSI) was validated in men in the USA with chronic orchialgia or chronic scrotal contents pain. Shoskes 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • The Western Ontario Rotator Cuff Index was validated against the short version of the Disabilities of Arm, Shoulder and Hand Questionnaire (QuickDash) and the SF-36 in Polish adults undergoing arthroscopic rotator cuff repair. Bejer 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • A COPD Assessment Test (CAT) Energy question score of 2 or higher can be used to screen for fatigue in patients with COPD in Sweden. Stridsman 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • The Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy-Palliative (FACIT-Pal) 14 instrument was validated in outpatients receiving palliative care in the USA. Shinall 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • The PROMIS-29 was validated against the SF-36 to determine reference values in the French general population.  Coste 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • The Pain Coping Questionnaire was validated against the Children's Depression Inventory in children with juvenile arthritis or musculoskeletal pain in Finland. Marttinen 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • The Early Morning Symptoms of COPD Instrument (EMSCI) was validated against the St. George's Respiratory Questionnaire (SGRQ) and the EXACT-Respiratory Symptoms score in US adults with COPD. Hareendran 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • The Medical Outcomes Study HIV Health Survey (MOS-HIV) was validated in people living with HIV/ AIDS in mainland China. Liu 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • A series of two-part models have been developed to estimate EQ-5D utility values from EORTC QLQ-C30 and QLQ-MY20 scores in multiple myeloma. Kharroubi 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • The Échelle d'évaluation instantanée de bien-être (EVIBE, Scale of instantaneous wellbeing), was validated against the EQ-5D in  patients with Alzheimer's dementia in France. Delphin-Combe 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • The Hair Specific Skindex-29 (HSS-29) was validated in adults with female androgenetic alopecia in Spain. Guerra-Tapia 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • The PROMIS Global-10 score correlated well with EQ-5D in US patients with shoulder arthritis but estimated EQ-5D scores ranged from 0.37 below to 0.36 above actual values. Saad 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • The Specific AC Score was validated against the Shoulder Pain and Disability Index, Oxford Shoulder Score, and American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons Standardized Shoulder Assessment Form in Australian patients with acromioclavicular joint disorders. Barwood 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • The Engagement and Independence in Dementia Questionnaire (EID-Q) was validated as a measure of social independence in patients with dementia in the UK. Stoner 2018 Go to paper on PubMed

Other PRO studies

  •  An 8-week course of Tai Chi significantly improved Leiden-Padua quality of life questionnaire scores in older men in Iran compared with a control group. Tajik 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • A systematic review found some evidence that quality of life and parental burden improve after oral food challenges for food allergy in children. Kansen 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • A systematic review found weak evidence that electroacupuncture may be more effective than medical treatment for improving cognition in mild cognitive impairment. Kim 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Quality of life on the 15D improved but COPD Assessment Test (CAT) scores  and mortality were no different in patients with COPD in Denmark who received tele-monitoring compared with usual care. Tupper 2018 Go to paper on PubMed

Studies reporting costs and resource use

  • Readmission rates and costs of readmissions were significantly higher after ventricular assist device implantation than orthotopic heart transplant in the USA; 62% vs 46% readmission rates and  $34,878 vs $20,144 costs of readmission at 6 months. Mukdad 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Overall healthcare costs were lower over 1.2 years in US Veterans starting treatment for HIV with tenofovir disoproxil fumarate/emtricitabine plus efavirenz than those taking other regimens. Nelson 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • US adults with SLE who were taking higher dose corticosteroids have significantly higher adjusted annual healthcare costs and more ER visits and admissions than those on lower doses. Kabadi 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • A systematic review found that annual cost per patient with heart failure ranged from Int$ 908 to Int$ 84,434 and costs of hospitalisation ranged from Int$ 3780 to Int$ 34,233. Shafie 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • 46% of users of mental health services in South Africa had missed at least one appointment, 53.6% missed 2-3 appointments; 69% missed due to forgetfulness, 16.7% work commitments. Ramlucken 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Establishing a hospital in the nursing home program for emergency care in Australia would save AU$8,171,671 per year in acute hospital care avoided. Fan 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Catastrophic health expenditure, defined as 40+% of household income, was reported by 9.6% of households in Zheijang and 30.5% of those in Qinghai, China. Zhen 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Total direct costs of hip fracture in Israel in 2013 were 719  million New Israeli Shekels; 454 million NIS for initial hospitalisation and rehabilitation and 265 million NIS for long-term nursing care. Barnea 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Analysis of US data for 2013 to 2015 showed total healthcare costs were lower with apixaban than dabigatran, rivaroxaban or warfarin in adults with non-valvular atrial fibrillation. Gupta 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Recurrent Clostridium difficile infections in patients hospitalised in Japan were associated with admissions that were 20.3 days longer and cost JPY1,284,519 (US$12,679) more than those with a primary C. difficile infection. Kunishima 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Invasive fungal infections affected 4.8 cases/1,000 discharges from hospital in Mexico in 2016, with a total cost of antifungal therapy of $233,435,536 USD after adjusting for acute kidney injury. Corzo-Leon 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • A systematic review found that community pharmacist-led interventions can improve adherence and outcomes in hypertension, hypercholesterolaemia, COPD and asthma, but found no evidence about diabetes or depression. Milosavlijevic 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • A systematic review found that the healthcare costs of air pollution in Asia range from US$180 million to $2.2 billion using value of statistical life analyses, and that the cost of illness from pollution-related morbidity was US$5.4 million to $9.1 billion. Jaafar 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • 12% to 20% of patients with DVT in Europe are hospitalised; mean length of admission was 8.2 days with comorbid cancer, 10.1 days with no cancer; >30% of patients did not return to work within 1 year. Chuang 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Comorbidity increases healthcare and other cost financial burden in US older adults with cancer compared with matched controls, but cancer without comorbidity, diabetes and heart disease did not increase financial burden. Jones 2019 Go to paper on PubMed
  • 30% of 693 patients with COPD in Italy were receiving inadequate therapy according to GOLD guidelines; 20% had an exacerbation. Palmiotti 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Compared with controls, patients with COPD in the USA incurred $6246 higher direct costs per year, 5 more days off work/year and $641 higher indirect costs for short-term disability/year. Patel 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • People in the USA paid 203% more per capita for primary care prescription drugs for hypertension, pain, diabetes, hypercholesterolaemia, depression and gastrointestinal disorders than those in 10 comparable countries in 2015, but this bought 12% fewer days' worth of therapy. Morgan 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Productivity losses due to cancer in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa in 2016 were $46.3 billion, or 0.33% of combined GDP. Pearce 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • A systematic review found some evidence that caregiving for patients with severe mental illlness incurs moderate to severe financial burden from lost productivity and employment in Sub-Saharan Africa. Addo 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • A systematic review found that the presence of oropharyngeal dysphagia due to any cause increased healthcare costs by 40.36% and prolonged length of stay by 2.99 days. Attrill 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Annual costs of COPD in Spain were €3077 per person in 2015, 43.8% direct healthcare costs, 38.3% direct non-healthcare costs, 17.9% productivity losses. Merino 2018 Go to paper on PubMed

Economic evaluations

  • Ixekizumab is cost-effective as first-line therapy for moderate/severe psoriasis in the UK, with £898 cost savings and more QALYs than secukinumab. Johansson 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Elbasvir/grazoprevir is cost-effective compared with daclatasvir plus asunaprevir in patients with chronic hepatitis C virus genotype 1b infection in China, with lower costs and more QALYs. Chen 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Letrozole is cost-effective for early breast cancer in China, with an ICER of CNY38,092/QALY compared with tamoxifen. Ye 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • First-line dolutegravir plus abacavir/lamivudine (ABC/3TC) is cost-effective for HIV infection in Russia, with lower costs and similar QALYs to raltegravir + ABC/3TC. Tremblay 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Appropriate use of low-dose aspirin for cardiovascular disease prevention in the US could save $4.2 million per 1million members as primary prevention and $11 million as secondary prevention over 5 years. Carlton 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Extensive screening with F-Fluorodesoxyglucose Positron Emission/Computed Tomography (FDG PET/CT) to search for occult malignancy is cost-effective compared with limited screening in adults with VTE; ICERs were C$3412/QALY in Canada and €2163/QALY in France. Robin 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Vaginal birth after caesarian section is cost-effective in low-risk women compared with repeat caesarian section, with lower societal costs and more QALYs in Belgium, Germany, Ireland and Italy. Fobelets 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Universal rapid HIV screening at the time of delivery is cost-effective in the USA with an ICER of $7973/QALY gained overall, and $89,927/QALY in areas where HIV prevalence is <0.02%. Scott 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • A budget impact model found that the introduction of extended half-life recombinant factor VIII (efmoroctocog alfa) for the treatment of congenital haemophilia A would lead to potential savings to the Italian NHS of €13,380,255 over 3 years. Lorenzoni 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Erenumab is cost-effective compared with no preventive treatment or onabotulinumtoxin A in chronic migraine in the USA, ICERs cost-saving to $65,720, but not cost-effective for episodic migraine. Sussman 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Roflumilast is cost-effective add-on therapy to triple inhaled therapy in patients with severe or very severe COPD with chronic bronchitis and a history of exacerbations in the UK, with an ICER of £24,976/QALY. Kiff 2018 Go to paper on PubMed

Studies reporting mortality

  • Hazard ratios for mortality were increased in US adults aged 40-79 years with insulin-dependent diabetes starting in childhood (HR 4.3, CI 3.3-5.5) and young adulthood (HR 4.9, CI 4.0-5.8) compared with controls without diabetes; after 9.5 years of follow-up, 38.7% of those with diabetes had died compared with 12.9% of those without diabetes. Conway 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Suicide rates were up to 118/100,000 in remote villages of French Guiana, eight times higher than in mainland France; 78% were due to hanging. Guarmit 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Influenza-related mortality accounted for 4.59 excess respiratory deaths/100,000 population in China in 2011-2015, or 4.6% of all respiratory deaths; almost all in adults aged 65+ yr. Zhang 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Mortality after acute MI in  the UK was higher in patients with comorbid heart failure (39.5 deaths/100 person-years), renal failure (38.2 deaths/100 PY) and cerebrovascular disease (26.6 deaths/100 PY) and 2.4-fold increased risk of death over 8.4yr than those with no comorbidity. Hall 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Analysis of the SEER database for 2000 to 2014 showed that 5-year cause-specific survival from glioma was 39.3% in married patients, 64.5% in those who were single, 60.4% in those divorced or separated and 10.1% in those widowed. The hazard ratio for those widowed vs married was 1.77 (95%CI 1.337 to 2.344). Long 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Five-year relative survival in multiple myeloma in Switzerland increased from 32.6% in 1994-98 to 46.4% in 2009-13; 10-year survival increased from 17.8% in 1994-98 to 25.0% in 2009-13. Andres 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • 90-day in-hospital mortality in people with >30% burns in Korea was 35.3% in 2008-2016; cadaver skin grafts significantly reduced mortality compared with usual care, OR=0.42 (95%CI 0.29 to 0.62). Choi 2018 Go to paper on PubMed
  • Mortality in the 36 months after hospitalisation for acute myocardial infarction in Italy was 18% in 2010-2011 in patients discharged on dual antiplatelet therapy; 17% had a subsequent event and mean annual costs were €3523 per patient. Degli Esposti 2018 Go to paper on PubMed