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Blog - New to Heoro: PRO tools added in September 2019

Published: 28-10-2019

We have developed our ontology of PRO instruments based on those tools that are cited in the abstracts we index in our database. The ontology has over 5,400 instruments that have been indexed to the abstracts that cite them, and we add new instruments as we come across them from our daily search of PubMed.

In September 2019 we added another 19 instruments to the ontology. These are listed in the table below.  You can find the abstracts that cite them by searching for their name in the Instrument menu on the Dashboard as follows:

 1. Go to the Dashboard.

2. Select "All diseases or no specific disease" from the Diseases menu.

3. Select "PRO studies" from the Study type menu.

4. Then select the PRO instrument you are interested in from the Instruments menu.

5. Click on "Search" and all relevant papers will appear. 

The dashboard is completely free to use, and you can download the abstracts identified by your search as a .txt file, which you can them import into citation manager software such as EndNote.


Disease area

Multiple happiness questionnaire (MHQ)

General QOL

Demoralization scale

General QOL

Multimorbidity assessment questionnaire for primary care (MAQ-PC)

General QOL

Telemedicine Satisfaction Questionnaire

Patient satisfaction

Integrative Medicine Outcomes Scale, IMOS

General QOL

Integrative Medicine Patient Satisfaction Scale, IMPSS

Patient satisfaction

Sense of Quality of Life Questionnaire

General QOL 

Dementia Burden Scale-Caregiver (DBS-CG)


SIMple Disease Assessment for People with Lupus Erythematosus




Weight Bias Internalization Scale for Youth

Mental Health

Work Rehabilitation Questionnaire [WORQ]


Characteristics of Auditory Hallucinations Questionnaire


Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension-Symptoms and Impact (PAH-SYMPACT) Questionnaire


Standardized Cosmesis and Health Nasal Outcomes Survey (SCHNOS)


Haemorrhoid severity score (HSS)




Integrated Palliative Outcome Score (IPOS)-renal symptom survey


Conventional Health Service and Productivity Costs




Written by Alexandra Furber