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Blog - New to HEORO: PRO instruments added in March-April

Published: 30-04-2019

We have developed our ontology of PRO instruments based on those tools that are cited in the abstracts we index in our database. The ontology has over 5,400 instruments that have been indexed to the abstracts that cite them, and we add new instruments as we come across them from our daily search of PubMed.

In March and April 2019 we added another 58 instruments to the ontology. These are listed in the table below.  You can find the abstracts that cite them by searching for their name in the Instrument menu on the Dashboard as follows:

 1. Go to the Dashboard.

2. Select "All diseases or no specific disease" from the Diseases menu.

3. Select "PRO studies" from the Study type menu.

4. Then select the PRO instrument you are interested in  from the Instruments menu.

5. Click on "Search" and all relevant papers will appear. 

The dashboard is completely free to use, and you can download the abstracts identified by your search as a .txt file, which you can them import into citation manager software such as EndNote.


Instrument Disease area
Care notebook Activities of daily living
Rotterdam Activity Level Scale (RALS) Activities of daily living
Stern Leisure Activity Scale Activities of daily living
Bladder Utility Symptom Scale, BUSS Cancer
EF10 Cancer
EORTC Quality of Life Questionnaire Core 30 four-item scale (EF4) Cancer
European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer Quality of Life Questionnaire - Biliary cancer Cancer
Quality of Life for Patients with Liver Cancer Cancer
Quality of Life in Cardiovascular Surgery (QLCS)  Cardiovascular
Family Reported Outcome Measure (FROM-16)  Caregivers
Family Resilience Assessment Scale (FRAS) Caregivers
Singapore Caregiver Quality Of Life Scale (SCQOLS) Caregivers
Back Appearance scale Dermatology
Burden of Sensitive Skin (BoSS) Dermatology
Infants and Toddlers Dermatology Quality of Life (InToDermQoL) Dermatology
REFlective evaLuation of psoriasis Efficacy of Treatment and Severity (REFLETS) Dermatology
Satisfaction With Treatment of Psoriasis Questionnaire (SWTPQ) Dermatology
Teenagers' Quality of Life (T-QoL) Dermatology
Urticaria Activity and Impact Measure Dermatology
Urticaria Patient Daily Diary (UPDD) Dermatology
CalproQuest Gastrointestinal
Pancreatic exocrine insufficiency questionnaire (PEI-Q) Gastrointestinal
Quality of Life Instruments for Chronic Diseases-Chronic Gastritis (QLICD-CG Gastrointestinal
Survey of Neurogenic Bowel Characteristics Gastrointestinal
Burwood QoL Questionnaire General QoL
Actual Scope of Nursing Practice Questionnaire Health service delivery
Case Management Quality Questionnaire (CMQQ) Health service delivery
Treatment Inventory Cost in Psychiatric Patients (TIC-P, TIC-P Mini, TIC-P Midi) Health service delivery
Inventory of Hyperacusis Symptoms Hearing
LATCH Infant nutrition
Autism Family Experience Questionnaire (AFEQ) Mental health
Bipolar Inventory of Symptoms Scale (BISS) Mental health
Glasgow Depression Scale for people with a Learning Disability (GDS-LD) Mental health
Loewenstein occupational therapy cognitive assessment Mental health
Parenting to Reduce Adolescent Depression and Anxiety Scale (PRADAS) Mental health
Reactivity and Regulation Situation Task Mental health
Schedule for Assessing the Three Components of Insight Mental health
Spence Children's Anxiety Scale  Mental health
Activities Measure for Upper Limb Amputees Musculoskeletal
Back and Shoulder Function scale Musculoskeletal
Visual Analogue Scale Foot and Ankle (VAS-FA) Musculoskeletal
King's Parkinson's Disease Pain Questionnaire(KPPQ) Neurology
King's Parkinson's Disease Pain Scale (KPPS) Neurology
MG manual muscle test (MG-MMT) Neurology
Multiple Sclerosis Performance Scale Neurology
Bergen Workaholic Scale (BWAS)  Occupation
Occupational Self Assessment (OSA) Occupation
Margolis Pain Diagram Pain
Physical Self-concept Questionnaire Physical disabilities
Voice-Related Statements instrument Respiratory
Work Hoarse Respiratory
Harvard Community Health Plan Group Cohesiveness Scale - II (GCS-II) Social
Impediments to Community Integration Scale Social
Group Schema Therapy Rating Scale - Revised (GSTRS-R) Treatment impacts
Pelvic Floor Disability Index Urogenital
Subjective Global Assessment-Dialysis Malnutrition Score Urogenital
Auckland Glaucoma Knowledge Questionnaire Visual
Viswanathan 10  Visual


Written by Alison Martin

Head of Reviews